Kindered Hearts

We also encourage and support our residents in accessing employment, education, and training. Key-working sessions will help young adults build up skills in areas that require additional provision until a safe level of independence is achieved, and young adults are supported in the transition to their own home.

There is no timescale for when a young adult should be ready for his or her own home. This is done to ensure the young adult is prepared before taking this significant step in their lives. Over this time, they will be set up with their own bank accounts, passport, benefits, and anything else you would expect someone living independently to possess.

When young adults are assessed as ready, staff will begin setting them up in their own homes. This will be a slow transition from semi-independence to a home of their choosing.

The young adults we accommodate, and support have varying issues and needs which may include but not limited to

Mental health, challenging behaviour, moderate learning disabilities, criminal behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harming behaviours, low-level sexualised behaviour, or minors who are unaccompanied asylum seekers.

Our key services